Eligible Detroiters Apply for Marijuana License April 1

Beginning April 1, those wanting to obtain one or more of the 10 different types of marijuana-related licenses will be able to submit an application for review as part of Detroit’s Adult-Use Marijuana program, according to the city.

Detroit City Council late last year approved the program last year that will allow over 300 Detroiters to be among the first to be considered for licenses as part of the “Legacy Detroiter” Homegrown program, according to a press release. Residents who applied for and received the “Legacy Detroiter” certification will receive a six-week exclusive review period of applications for licensing.

“The Legacy Detroiter program provides an equitable opportunity for Detroiters to own a legal marijuana business in the City of Detroit,” said Mayor Duggan in the release. “I’m happy so many people have applied and look forward to welcoming many more entrepreneurs within city borders.”

Detroit Legacy applicants will also get a minimum of 50% of all newly created adult-use marijuana business licenses for retailers, growers, processors, microbusinesses, designated consumption, and marijuana event organizers issued in Detroit. All applicants require a Step 1 pre-qualification from the State of Michigan to submit for license consideration. Applications for adult-use marijuana licenses will be reviewed over three periods:

Detroit Legacy applicants:

Application period: April 1– 30

Application review begins May 1

General applicants with existing medical marijuana license:

Application period: April 1–30

Application review begins June 16

General applicants without existing medical marijuana license:

Application period: April 1– ongoing

Application review begins August 1

Applications are available at www.detroitmeansbusiness.org/homegrown.

License Breakdown

There are 10 types of licenses: Medical Marihuana provisioning center, adult-use retailer establishment, grower, processor, safety compliance facility, temporary marihuana event, microbusiness, designated consumption lounge, and secure transporter.

Medical Marihuana Provisioning Center



Adult-Use Retailer Establishment (50% DL)



Grower (Adult-use 50% DL)



Processor (Adult-use 50% DL)



Secured Transporter



Safety Compliance Facility



Designated Consumption Lounge (50% DL)



Microbusiness (50% DL)



Marihuana Event Organizer (50% DL)



Temporary Marihuana Event



For more information about the adult-use marijuana ordinance or the social equity Homegrown program component, visit DetroitMeansBusiness.org/homegrown.




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