Duke University’s Black Students Oppose Bigoted George Floyd Note

Duke University is investigating a worrisome notice regarding the cause of George Floyd’s death from the school’s Black History Month bulletin board inside of a dormitory, Black Enterprise reported.

According to Duke University’s Chronicle, Floyd’s alleged toxicology report was added to an exhibit meant to honor Black lives killed at the hands of police. On March 20, someone noticed the document with handwritten commentary on the commemorative piece. The message read, “Mix of drugs presents in difficulty breathing! Overdose? Good Man? Use of fake currency is a felony!”

A Duke University recently student saw and reported the document, which was taken down about 30-minutes later.

A Black student wrote an email detailing his concerns about the bigoted post and his safety as well.

“The thought that it could be someone I’ve lived with all these months really terrified me,” he told Black Enterprise.

Duke University officials released a statement regarding the incident and its ongoing investigation.

Read the full here.

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