Detroit Promise: Boosting College Enrollment For Detroit Residents

The Detroit Promise has been working to ensure that high school seniors are set up for success with coaches, scholarships and programming, and modified college eligibility requirements. The Promise
team has been working tirelessly with Michigan Colleges and Universities to modify eligibility requirements, given the pandemic. New eligibility requirements at qualifying colleges and universities are: a 3.0 GPA, and modified ACT/SAT for the Class of 2021.

Additionally, the Detroit Promise is encouraging students from the class of 2020 who may have deferred,
did not start, or dropped out to apply for the Detroit Promise Scholarship as they are still eligible.

Many four-year partnering colleges have made alterations to the ACT/SAT requirement for the Class of 2021.
Modified Eligibility Requirements Are:

School allowing: “Test optional”, students can apply without a test score, but the institution might expect a higher GPA, an additional essay, an interview, etc.

School allowing: “If Admitted”, whether students apply with a test score is up to them. If admitted and meet the other requirements, you will be eligible for Detroit Promise funding.

School allowing: “Test Blind”, Test blind meaning they are not weighing the exam in neither admissions nor Detroit Promise awarding decisions.

To view the list of schools and modified eligibility requirements, visit:

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