Season Four of FX’s ‘Snowfall’ Is Now Available

File photo of a previous season of “Snowfall”


FX’s hit show “Snowfall” is entering its fourth season and guarantees to take viewers on a ride with new twists and turns as the show examines one of the nation’s most enthralling epidemics. Co-created by late filmmaker John Singleton, the cast and writers of the tv drama are using the show to help keep his legacy alive.

Based in 1985, season four of the popular drama follows main character Franklin Saint as he recovers from a near death experience and looks to take back his illegal operation. In Ronald Reagan’s second term, the show gives an in-depth look into the crack epidemic and how it ravaged urban communities.

The show also examines the United States’ role in the “war on drugs” and how corruption and greed led to war, death and addiction in Black neighborhoods and abroad. CIA Operative Teddy McDonald, played by actor Carter Hudson, is deep in the trenches in South America in the fight against communism. However, personal and professional conflict is leading the character to question his stance. With both his and the main character’s fates tied together through an illegal game, viewers will get to watch how the story plays out in South Central Los Angeles.

Franklin, who is played by British actor Damson Idris, will face new obstacles during this season’s plot. Claiming the streets of South Central as his own, the main character survives death and is coming to bring calm to the raging California streets. Since his humble beginnings in season one to a kingpin, the evolution of the character has been felt on camera and in reality.

“To see Franklin grow into the man he is today, I as an actor have also grown into the man I am today. So, the whole journey has been fantastic and as we move into season four and Franklin’s less sure of himself, he’s more vulnerable, more vulnerable than we’ve ever seen him, as an audience and as a viewer it’s going to be fantastic to see,” says Idris.

Angela Lewis, who portrays Franklin’s famed Aunt Louie, is his right-hand woman. Playing second-in-command, Lewis’ character has recently had to assume new responsibility as Franklin recovers from a near fatal injury. After murdering a close friend, Aunt Louie has proven to be a valuable asset to Franklin’s enterprise for better or for worse.

Born and raised in Detroit, Lewis draws inspiration from her upbringing in an urban community. Deciding at just three years old that acting would be her destiny, Lewis went on to attend Cass Technical High School and the University of Michigan. Playing Louie at the height of the crack epidemic, tapping into the character’s true nature and delivering that to audiences is this actress’ goal.

“With this story and with any story is the acknowledgment of a character and a person’s humanity is what counts and that is certainly what’s on the page and it’s certainly what I and all of my fellow actors and castmates bring to the table,” says Lewis.

John Singleton, legendary director of movies like “Poetic Justice” and “Boys n’ The Hood,” also had his hand in the creation of the tv drama. Since his passing, the cast along with the writers of the show are striving to keep the integrity of his work alive while keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

“Losing John was obviously losing a huge piece of knowing we were doing the right things and doing them in the right way,” says Dave Andron, executive producer and co-creator. “We have a lot of folks who come together to make this show. There are a lot of writers in the room, a lot of people designing sets and costumes, and everybody brings their knowledge base to make sure what we’re putting on the screen is the most authentic and real thing it can be.”

Season four is currently playing Wednesdays on FX and is available for next day streaming on Hulu. Fans can also use the streaming app to watch Franklin and his crew from the beginning with all three previous seasons available.

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