No Purchase Necessary: Use Items Around the House as Gym Equipment  

You don’t need a Peloton to be fit — especially if you’re on a budget. For many working at home, or heck, even weekend warriors who live to get fit on Saturday and Sunday, use these tips before you think about purchasing a pricey piece of home gym equipment.


Here are five innovative ways to use items found at home to keep your body looking lean and your pockets fat and green.


  1. Don’t have dumbbells? Use jugs of water, soup cans or other safe, liftable items around your house to work out those arms and get to working out around the house. Use these makeshift exercise tools as you follow along with videos that require the use of dumbbells and more. Increase or decrease the weight limit according to your comfort level. Once you have a good grip keep it going and find even more innovative dumbbells around your home as long as your body can keep up.
  2. Go from being a couch potato to using the couch! Throw the blanket off and cut off the television (unless you’re using it to follow along with exercise videos) and use the couch for glute bridges. Simply lie faceup on the floor and place your heels on the edge of the couch — use this as your starting point. Squeeze your glutes, raise your hips, and create a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Then lower back to start for the first rep and repeat.
  3. Use your wall (preferably basement walls made with concrete) for wall walks. To start, get in a high plank position with feet up against the wall. Then engage your core and begin walking up the wall until your face is close to the wall and your body is vertical. Carefully go back to the start for 1 rep and continue the reps a few more times — if you can handle the burn.
  4. After using the bathroom, don’t leave just yet! The toilet is a nice height to do box squats. To do this easy exercise, stand facing away from the toilet with the lid closed. Put the hips back to a lower position until your glutes touch the toilet lid. Then go back to the starting position and rinse and repeat.
  5. Have a bunch of dirty clothes? Don’t put them in the wash just yet. Grab the full laundry basket and practice deadlifts. To start, stand with a micro bend in the knees. Lower the hips back down to then grab the basket. Utilize hamstrings and glutes to then press hips forward back to start. Try to do three sets of 20 basket deadlifts. Then feel free to wash the load — or not.

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