GRINDGRIND Clothing Opens in Rivertown District

In 2013, Eddie Kidd was living his dream as a student athlete. Hardships close to home however, would force that dream to be deferred.

“That year, my mother was hospitalized with congestive heart failure, which forced me to leave school and come back and help take care of her along with my family,” said Kidd. “Me still wanting to be involved in athletics, staying fit, and staying active, I began to write GrindGrind on a shirt with a marker. I was really not even trying to start a clothing line. I was really doing something to describe my lifestyle. It’s really motivation for myself that turned into a brand.”

GrindGrind began as a catchphrase for Kidd and his friends. It served as a reminder to work twice as hard to reach their goals. It quickly evolved into a life mantra and an apparel business. Saturday, Kidd, 26, opened his first storefront.

“You are looking at a seven to eight year process. It’s a blessing to finally be able to open our first brick and mortar store in downtown Detroit. I wouldn’t want it anywhere else. Being born and raised here, I made sure we were located here.”
In an era where many businesses are pivoting to being solely online, Kidd said having a physical location was a priority because of what it symbolized for him.

“I wanted people to physically see the testimony. Brick and mortar is much different than an online presence…I needed something physical for people to see. It’s a living testimony. It’s proof that when you put God first and grind twice as hard towards whatever you want to achieve out of life, anything is possible.”

GrindGrind offers a variety of athletic apparel for men and women, including hoodies, joggers, leggings, and much more.

“Our goal is to be seen as much as possible,” said Kidd. “Whether you’re in the gym, on the job, going out to a special event, we have attire fit for every need. GrindGrind is a lifestyle brand.”

Kidd hopes his brand inspires people to chase their dreams.

“I want them to feel motivated like they can do it. Whatever ‘it’ they have in front of them, their vision, their dream is possible…No matter your circumstance, race, or gender, anything is possible.”

GrindGrind Clothing is located at 1805 Franklin St. in Detroit, and you can learn more at

Photo: Owner Eddie Kidd and wife, Destine

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