MUA Brandi Taylor Launches Xquisitelooks Beauty Brand

Move over there is a new cosmetics brand in town and Xquisitelooks is bringing fresh brows and full lashes to a beat near you. After working as a makeup artist for several years, Brandi Taylor, founder of the beauty brand, was looking to expand her business beyond artistry.

Using the name as a makeup artist, the entrepreneur set sights on shifting focus from hands-on service to offering a line of products for beauty enthusiasts. Already having buzz around the name, Xquisitelooks laid the foundation for the brand’s beauty mark.

“I had been a makeup artist for 14 years. I’ve worked in print, editorial, bridal and film,” Taylor says. “I’ve always wanted to launch a cosmetics line, being a makeup artist and a makeup lover. I actually thought it would be a lot harder than it actually really was.”

Originally launched in November 2020 with Black women in mind, Xquisitelooks, the cosmetics brand, developed at a rapid rate. After just three months of planning, researching and picking a manufacturing company to create the product, the cosmetics line debuted.

“It can take longer just depending. I knew exactly what I wanted and so I didn’t test a whole lot of companies. I started with companies that allow you to order smaller batches,” Taylor explains.

With the onset of the pandemic and face mask mandates, full-face looks have become less popular. Still, wanting to offer access to quality products, Taylor focused on producing what is in the most use.

“I decided to carry brow and lash products because, let’s face it, right now a lot of people are wearing masks. I had done some research and in cosmetics sales, lipstick sales are down, but people are still buying lashes, mascara and brow products,” Taylor explains. “I decided to start with what’s trending and what people are buying right now.”

Offering a full arsenal for brows and lashes, the beauty brand has no plans of stopping. With more products launching within the year, Xquisitelooks will soon introduce another staple product to enhance beauty bags everywhere.

“I’m looking to launch my lipstick line in Spring 2021. So, I will plan on adding some lipstick colors and we will see how it goes to expand the line after that,” Taylor says.

Beyond lip shades, the next must-have has yet to be released, however fans may have a clue. Through research, Taylor is letting customers decide what is next for the line.

“I’m starting to see now what people are gravitating to the most. As I’m paying attention to the data, I’m able to tailor it to my next launch and really see what my customers are asking for and what they want,” Taylor says.

Currently, the self-funded brand is sold exclusively online with hopes of growing into a big box beauty brand.

“I would just like to eventually see Xquisitelooks in Sephora or Ulta or something like that. I would love to see it in stores one day,” Taylor says.

Starting off with smaller orders allowed this owner to perfect the brand’s products. For beauty buffs looking to launch a cosmetics line in the future, Taylor offers these words of advice: “Don’t order too much product when you’re starting out. Start off with a few products and the minimum you can do. You don’t know how it will sell and you don’t want to be left with a bunch of products.”

Small businesses across the city have faced unforeseen financial challenges this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to Taylor, buying a product from Xquisitelooks means having the opportunity to support a small Black female-owned business.

“When I’m thinking of buying something, I’m thinking of is there a small business that I can buy something from,” Taylor says, “If you’re thinking of buying brow products or thinking of buying some lashes, think of, not even just my brand, but just think of a small brand you can support and help support someone’s dream.”

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