Renee Nesbitt narrows fashion gap for women

Renee Nesbitt is Detroit’s newest rising star in the world of style. The enterprising 30-year-old fashionista is preparing to launch her landmark line, Boss Styles, a collection of classic career and chic casual wear on March 13 aka 313 Day at her Building Bosses Boutique popular pop-up shop on the city’s westside. The renowned stylist – recently cited in Atlanta with hip-hop maven and Love and Hip Hop Rasheeda, decision to introduce aspiring women of all ages and body types is inspired and informed by meticulous research of what real women want to wear to set them apart from the pack of consumers confined to generic garments and less than flattering ensembles in a city long recognized for its particular brand of fierce fashion flare.

Nesbitt, an energetic entrepreneur and a dedicated member of the African American Initiative as well as the Women Building Women Group, says her intention is to move the needle on affordable quality clothing for women professionally and personally.

“Society has structured the world and our thinking to believe that in order to look like a “boss” and be treated like one, you have to spend excessive amounts money for the professional look or spend even more exorbitant amounts on designer wear for other occasions,” explained the driven daughter of enterprise.

“During my more than a decade in the corporate arena, I’ve crossed paths with women who typically wear expensive corporate suits of $1500 or more and after hours they were in equally expensive casual wear.”

The visionary fashion expert is determined to break the time-old tradition of tired and pricey business attire with the introduction of trendsetting affordable apparel to indulge an array of fashion appetites.

“There is an incredible demand in Detroit and urban areas where Black women work to meet the needs of women working to project themselves in the appropriate apparel for all occasions,” says Nesbitt. “I just want cutting-edge consumers to be educated on what’s available to them and show the world that they can dress like a “boss,” rock the latest in fashion and professional attire … all at affordable prices,” Nesbitt says with the determination of a woman committed to meeting the needs of working and active women by dispelling the notion of “cost equals class.”

The idea that people are not shopping during the pandemic lockdown is a misconception according to Nesbitt. “People are shopping and as we come out of the year-long and begin to return to relatively normal living. They are shopping on line and in person. Building Bosses will address how to dress for success the affordable way by holding virtual and in-person bootcamps to meet the needs of every consumer.”

Nesbitt, a banking world veteran, is adding to The Building Bosses Bootcamp to build a comprehensive program beyond dressing the part for success. The summary training will educate women business owners on the importance of credit readiness to grow seed and grow their business, along with licensing marketing and making their businesses appealing to financial investors and lenders.

And while Nesbitt melds women’s retail transformation with turning the tide of business trends in women’s clothing, she remains committed to assisting Black women with access to establish their own businesses and pursue their ambitions of achieving a C-Suite presence.

“It’s not the brand and it’s not the price … style [and talent] are what you do with it,” concludes Nesbitt, a Detroit homegrown women’s business success and style enthusiast.

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