‘BO$$ TALK’ Podcast Gets the Scoop on Four Young Detroit Entrepreneurs Focuses on Business, Financial Literacy

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A group of young men from Detroit recently started a podcast to help better the lives of others, including their audience, by discussing topics like entrepreneurship and financial literacy, according to a www.wxyz.com report.

The men are straight with no chaser and care about the city of Detroit, and it shows on their podcast called “Boss Talk” found on their YouTube channel here.

“We talk about the ups as well as the downs on the podcast as an entrepreneur because we all made mistakes along the way,” Marcel Sanchez Sr. said in the article.

The men in their 20’s talk in their sports memorabilia-laden podcast studio that’s a vibe from the start.

“One tie we all have together is that we are real estate investors, and we passionate about putting the City of Detroit back together,” Sanchez said in the article.

The group has purchased a couple of homes and plan to fix them up and rent them out.

Investor Tez Williams, who also runs a detailing business and TV-mounting business, said he became an entrepreneur because he wanted to switch things up.

“I need to make my own schedule. I want to just have the freedom to create,” Williams said in the article.

Stephan Akins, a real estate agent, says he is motivated with the podcast “simply because there are other people out there that’s like me who want to be entrepreneurs but they don’t know how and we’re helping them,” Aikens said in the article.

“Hopefully through the podcast, we inspire more people to take the leap of faith and be real estate investors and build the community, so we can live as one and get crime down, inspire the kids to learn a trade and just really show them the way,” Sanchez added in the story.


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