Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network Nominates Interim CEO Eric Doeh

The Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network (DWIHN) Board of Directors Executive Committee recently nominated Eric Doeh, deputy CEO and COO, to serve as interim CEO today. This move will allow the state’s largest mental health system to start a search for its next CEO on the heels of the board voting to not renew the contract of then-CEO Willie Brooks for not disclosing that a lawyer hired in the DWIHN’s legal department was his son-in-law, reported.

“The Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network is moving forward and remains committed to the people we serve,” DWIHN noted in a press release. “While the circumstances surrounding recent events are very unfortunate, DWIHN and its Board of Directors are committed to providing exceptional integrated behavioral healthcare to the 75,000 people in Wayne County.”

Next week the Board of Directors is expected to vote on the Interim CEO position.

“We have garnered support over the years from our partners throughout the behavioral health community, healthcare organizations and persons served. DWIHN has an exemplary staff and leadership team that I am proud to work alongside. We remain dedicated to caring for the state’s most vulnerable citizens, ensuring transparency, restoring trust and continuing to provide quality service is my goal,” Doeh said.



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