Make Valentine’s Day The Sweetest for You and Your Boo This Weekend at Home

With everything going on in the world, planning for Valentine’s Day, February 14, might be a little low on your to-do list. But if you are interested in planning something special, at home, in particular, Essence Magazine has your back with this Essence article sharing tips on how to have a low-key celebration day with that special one at home.

The article said that Pinterest could be a good place to start to find inspiration and for DIY ideas and Valentine’s Day trends this year. Also, sweet romantic treats might make your day pop for those with a sweet tooth, too.

Want to get the whole family involved? Search Pinterest for “Valentine’s Day nail art designs” or “Valentine’s Day crafts for kids.” Start here for design idea inspiration.


Also, Pinterest has ideas on switching up your home into a romantic date night setting. From “romantic dinner settings” and “romantic room surprises” to “valentine’s day décor for home” and “valentine’s day outdoor décor” there are several special ideas to make your home a beautiful, romantic “getaway.”

Want to incorporate even more food? Find “Valentine’s strawberries ideas,” “Valentine’s day desserts” and “valentine’s day baking” are popular searches this year, too, according to the article. Lastly, gifts are always a nice way to get in your significant other’s good graces. Find “I love you” gifts for them, along with gifts for mentors, friends, family, and more.

Visit for even more ideas.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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