A Soul-ful Summit: Empathic Leader Ber-Henda Williams Encourages Brilliance in New Summit

Let her adjust your crown for you.


Exuberant Southfield native Ber-Henda Williams, founder and owner of B Intentional, a creative consulting service, wants to help you show up in the world more extraordinary and shine bright and right through it all.


Williams, who is an empath coach, (and has a calling to especially help empaths) is hosting a free online series, Visionary Empaths Unite: Leaders of the New Earth Summit February 1-5.


Williams told The Michigan Chronicle that empaths (those who can feel others’ emotions as if they were experiencing it themselves) will learn their next mindful move at the summit.


“It is centered around female-identified and empathic business owners,” she said of the summit, adding that anyone can glean something from it. “We talk about things like activism. We talk about things like resilience and burnout. We talk about creative expression. We talk about the historical constructs of systemic racism and how it impacts the body. We are helping people to navigate; we talk about feminism and how to apply feminism principles to one’s business. When we look at things aligning in a more feminine way it allows us to be more holistic.”


Williams has a knack for connecting others, especially empaths looking to “hone their gift, own their voice and support themselves through growing businesses that are aligned with their soul’s purpose and calling,” according to her website.

She also works with for-profit and nonprofit organizations to develop processes that solve social and cultural issues, her website added.


“Together we break generational bondages and provide agency for the marginalized,” she said online.


Williams said at work when it comes to a leadership perspective, empaths tend to look more toward collective leadership.


“Instead of a head leader you move more intuitively than intellectually,” she said, adding that it is more of an alignment between the head and heart. Also, while the bottom line is important, another big question for empaths on the job is how could the community be impacted in a greater way?

The summit speakers come from all areas and range from entrepreneurs and consultants to poets and those in academia, but they all have one thing in common: they bring their empathic goodness along the way.


“They are healers,” Williams said. “They all kind of touch every facet of our society. … They bring their empathic gifts with them where they go.”


Williams added that more scientific data is supporting a highly sensitive personality trait that is “very discerning” and what she calls “emotional first-responders” such as teachers, nurses, midwives, creatives, non-profit leaders and more.


She added that while our society doesn’t always encourage men in emotional expression, they’re still thriving and she has male clients now.


Williams expressed the importance of this summit because it’s all about balance.


While there are countless positive traits of the empath, the “shadow side” of that trait can manifest itself as co-dependent, anxiety-filled, and depressed. In 2021, nobody has time for that — especially people about their business of building their empathic empire.


“Through my summit, the attempt is to help the highly sensitive person, the empathic person embrace the gift — really embrace the gift and address the shadow side of it,” Williams said. “Once you can get in your head and heart that you’re valuable and that you are worthy, then you show up in the world a little differently right now.”


Williams talked about how with this year’s turbulent political events, the summit is a call for “deeper empathy and compassion.”


Local artist Deidre D.S. SENSE Smith, who will speak and perform at the summit, said that it will help shine a light on empaths and their experience.


“With the casual usage of the term and label of ‘empath’ being applied to so many people…I felt it was important to lift both the romanticizing and fetishization of ‘the bleeding heart’ off of it,” Smith said.


“Being an empath tends to go far deeper than just having a hunch or notion. It is essentially the astuteness of an intuitive person. … This conference showcases varying perspectives about the responsibilities of an intuitive and I hope that it helps someone in their empathic journey,” she said.


To register visit https://visionaryempathsunitenewearthsummit.com/.




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