Trump Troubles: His Impeachment Given to US Senate, Biden Flips, Reverses Trump’s Transgender Military Ban  

Although he’s out of the White House, the House impeachment case against disgraced former U.S. President Donald Trump is ramping up.

The case was recently delivered to the Senate for his future second trial, the Associated Press reported.


With papers in hand, House Democratic prosecutors made the official walk across the Capitol Monday to deliver the charge of incitement of insurrection, according to the article.

Choosing to turn their focus on other things, some Republicans are raising an issue with the officiality of the trial and asking whether Trump’s repeated demands to overturn Joe Biden’s election victory actually resulted in the Capitol attack, according to the article.


This comes after in early January, pro-Trump rioters stormed the country’s U.S. Capitol, purposely interrupting the counting of the electoral votes to confirm President-elect Joe Biden’s win. Many in the Black community and beyond took to social media, and elsewhere, to share their thoughts of white privilege at its finest.

 The trial starts in two weeks, the report stated.

President Joe Biden just signed an executive order ending a Pentagon policy that primarily kept transgender people from joining the U.S. military, the article added. Biden signed the new order during a meeting with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, effectively “overturning a ban ordered by Trump,” the article added. And, this move does not allow people to be kicked out of the military because of their gender identity, according to the article. 


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