Breaking the Glass Ceiling: How Businesses Can Make Money in 2021

Creativity and persistence are two main ingredients in launching a business. In a traditional setting promotions and raises are clear signs of professional achievement. Entrepreneurs, despite success of their company, must often push in new ways to expand their business model while continuously reinventing.

Defined as a metaphor used to describe an invisible and unbreakable barrier that prevents advancement, glass ceilings are often the cause of stagnant business plans. Generating revenue in the New Year will take some innovation, however, more businesses are looking to gain traction and break the creative glass ceiling for 2021.

Carmen Farmer, owner of Achilles’ Love Body Care, is looking to shift the narrative of basic skin care needs. The Detroit-based small business provides daily self-care essentials for intimate moments and reflection.

“Common skin care practices oftentimes solve a surface level problem like dry skin. However, frequently when using skincare products, we are in our most vulnerable state and those moments are the most quiet and reflective moments of our day,” Farmer shares. “When I tell my brand story, people are drawn to the idea of an experience, not just the product, and immediately create an emotional connection.”

Launched in 2020, the skin care brand is working to create new conversations around selfcare and shatter limitations.

“Breaking the creative ceiling for me as it relates to my business is challenging the skin care narrative and pushing a different agenda,” Farmer explains.

The business owner is also leaning on networking as one of the ways to break through creative limits. Social media continues to be a main source for business branding. With the emergence of a new platform, Clubhouse, entrepreneurs are using the talk-only space to jump into meaningful conversations around business and gain helpful tips from industry leaders.

“The second I learned about Clubhouse, I created a profile and immediately asked myself how could I leverage it for my business,” Farmer shares. “The answer was simple: network and collaborate. For me, this looks like hosting weekly events to build community.”

Aside from social channels, creating on-going experiences with quality products is one more way the entrepreneur plans to continue growing the brand.

“I offer people the opportunity to enjoy those moments even more by incorporating a product range inclusive of body care, self-care planners, affirmation mugs, and sensual room sprays — all which lead to heightened experiences,” Farmer says. “This marketing technique is not only innovative, but it enables people to change their perspective around self-care,” Farmer says.

Although skin care is not a new to the business world, the overall notion of self-care has become an unending trend with increased attention to mental health. As COVID-19 continues to ravish the nation with strict social distancing measures and stay-at-home mandates, self-care has become a key component in surviving this pandemic.

Fear is another factor in breaking the imaginary limits to business. To combat concerns that may include failure and disappointment, remaining true to the brand’s mission and focusing on the intended target audience is essential in moving forward.

“I focus on my why. I’ve worked hard for everything I have in life and I wouldn’t have made it this far without determination to provide a better life not only for myself, but for my children and family,” Farmer says.

To stay motivated she has collected a band of influencers and role models is key to which also helps the brand stay relevant in the business market.

“Hands down, Detroit native, Mia Ray. Though I do not know her personally, her willingness to share knowledge freely, leading by example, and uplifting others is evidence that she truly and genuinely wants to see other people win,” Farmer shares.

Breaking barriers in business requires determination and a willingness to overcome obstacles along the course. Adding transparency, commitment to uplifting others, creativity and grit to the tool kit, the Detroit entrepreneur believes are the keys to success in any business.

“I believe these characteristics are essential in being a leader and running a successful business,” Farmer says.

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