House Votes Today on Decision to Impeach Trump for Second Time After he Provoked Capitol Riot

The House is deciding today to make Donald Trump the first President in United States history to be impeached for a second time with a bipartisan vote to condemn Trump’s role provoking the riots at the US Capitol recently, CNN reported.

House Democrats and a number of Republicans will vote in favor of the impeachment of Trump a week after a deadly mob overran Capitol Police, vandalized parts of the US Capitol and put the lives of Vice President Mike Pence and other lawmakers in peril.
The impeachment resolution the House will vote on Wednesday charges Trump with a single article stating, “incitement of insurrection,” according to the report.
As of this morning, five Republicans have said they will vote to impeach Trump, per the article. While House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Minority Whip Steve Scalise are against impeachment — stating that it’s a divisive response — the No. 3 House republican Liz Cheney of Wyoming announced Tuesday she would vote in favor, according to the article.
Trump has showed no regret for his role in last week’s Capitol riots, speaking against impeachment on Tuesday in his first public remarks since the US Capitol incident last week.
“It’s been analyzed,” Trump said in the article of his remarks last week to the crowd before the riots. “People thought what I said was totally appropriate.”
Wednesday’s impeachment vote could complicate the beginning days of President-elect Joe Biden’s administration, in his efforts to reach out to Republicans and because the Senate is likely to be busy with a trial as Biden is taking office, according to the report.
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