You Got This in 2021, Sis: Everyday Affirmations For The Black Woman

Black women, it’s 2021. We are still in the early life of this new year and with all this newness, it’s time to start some affirmations to get off on the good foot. Essence Magazine has us covered on ways to love ourselves more and deeper in a time where we might need it most. Let’s get into it.

Affirmations guru Toni Jones, a psychology and women’s empowerment expert, developed “WIFE COMMA” – a community that helps women “Wife Their Life.” In 2019 she released an affirmations book brimming with positive affirmations and messaging for the everyday working woman fighting to stay centered in a busy world, according to the article. 

Jones shares New Year’s resolutions that grown Black women should be affirming, how affirmations work, and tips to overcome negative thoughts, self-doubt, and drive positive change in life and career in 2021.

She confirms that affirmations work because we are always affirming things. From fears we have to goals and insecurities — something’s being sent out in the atmosphere, the article said. It goes deeper and says, “We are always using affirmations in our repeated conversations with friends, in the music we passively play, in the thoughts we choose over and over – even if they are disempowering.”

The article went on to say that affirmations can work toward people’s highest good by choosing to consciously affirm what we may not feel but want to believe. Sis, feel like you’re not rocking your body the way you should? Affirm within yourself that you are a 10 out of 10 and continue affirming good things and good vibes will follow. Don’t forget to put in the good work, too.

Jones said in the article that she noticed a pattern of a particular limiting belief: “They all said they didn’t have time to heal, be well, be mindful and practice self-love and self-care, much less make it a lifestyle. I asked myself how do I hack this limited belief that “women don’t have time to make their well being top tier priority?” 

She said that through meditation and prayer the idea downloaded “affirmation music,” she said in the article, describing how she created something women could listen to lift their well-being, mindfulness, and healing on the go. 

“I was and am so grateful I get to share this with other women,” she said in the article. 

She added that words need to also be believable, too.

“Oh, first it has to feel true to them, to resonate in their bodies. And it should feel good. You can’t just do it you have to feel it,” she said. “For example, instead of just saying, ‘I am manifesting the love life of my dreams, I am a millionaire,’ try instead saying, ‘I am learning how to be love with and without others, I am so excited about sharing my self-love with another.'”

She added in the article that her favorite affirmation is simple but effective: “I create a life I enjoy living, a life I love and am proud of – and from that place, others are inspired to be and do the same.” I love this affirmation because as a natural giver, it grounds me into my intention to live my life based on how I want it to feel first not based on how my life makes others feel. Everything in my life has to kneel to this intention, even me.

She said in the article that everyone, in particular Black women, have had a year last year — affirmations for them could look like this: “My soul, my body, my mind are top tier priority, I believe in my worthiness, that my being is enough. I am unlearning the habit of only feeling my worthiness when I am productive. I remove ‘destination addiction’ in my healing and self-care process. I am so grateful I am apart of the first generation of daughters that heal what our ancestors and the women before us couldn’t, wouldn’t, and didn’t have access to know to do and because of this I live a life of irrational joy, spiritual liberation, and emotional freedom, I really do deserve this that’s on period!”



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