Warming Centers Open Throughout Detroit

With frigid temperatures already here, the City of Detroit is reminding residents that warming centers are open to provide relief for the homeless from the cold. The City has three warming centers, in conjunction with two local nonprofit homeless service providers, open from now through March 31. The City of Detroit is contracting with Cass Community Social Services and Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (two locations) to provide temporary relief to persons who are homeless when year-round shelters may be at capacity.

According to a 2019 annual report from the Michigan State Housing Development Authority, over 65,000 people in Michigan experienced homelessness last year, up about 3% from 2017. It includes people living in shelters, on the streets, in cars, or in places like abandoned homes. It does not count people who live with friends or family members to avoid homelessness, according to the report. The report finds that the Black community makes up about 13% of Michigan’s overall population, but 52% of people who are homeless in the state are Black.

Luckily, a fourth-day center has opened at the TCF Center operated by the Pope Francis Center. Detroit uses a coordinated entry process to access shelters and warming centers. During Coordinated Assessment Model [CAM] hours of operation, those seeking shelter or warming center placements should call to talk with a staff member to explore available shelter options. Due to COVID-19, the access points have moved from in-person to a call line. Contact CAM at (313) 305-0311 Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. or Saturday. 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Veterans should call (313) 576-1580 Sunday – Saturday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. CAM staff will assist to explore alternatives to shelters or make shelter placement for the night.

Outside of CAM hours of operation or on holidays, those seeking shelter should come in person to one of the following warming center locations:

Cass Community Social Services, 1534 Webb, Detroit 48206 313.883.2277

Facilities for: Families and Single Women Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries Genesis House 3, 12900 W. Chicago, Detroit 48227 313.331.8990

Facilities for: Families and Single Women Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries Third Street, 3535 Third Ave, Detroit 48201 313.993.6703

Facilities for: Single Men only The three facilities will operate daily during the cold weather months including holidays. During extreme cold, services will be extended to include daytime hours.

A fourth center operated by Pope Francis Center at the TCF Center is also operating from Monday – Saturday 7 -11 a.m. Pope Francis Center, TCF Center 1 Washington Blvd in Detroit.

Facilities for: Anyone who is homeless All individuals are supervised at all times to ensure the safety and security. They are also provided with two hot meals, showering and sleeping accommodations. Clients are also encouraged to take advantage of support services available, such as referrals, housing assistance, health screening, and other related services.

For more information regarding the warming centers, call (313) 305-0311.

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