Celebrate National Sangria Day with Central Kitchen + Bar’s Sangria Recipe

National Sangria Day is Sunday, December 20, and what better way to celebrate than with Central Kitchen + Bar’s Cranberry Holiday Sangria! This is a tasty drink you can re-create at home, enjoy outdoors on the patio at Central Kitchen + Bar, or as a to-go cocktail.

The Cranberry Holiday Sangria ($12), the perfect cocktail to put you in the holiday spirit! Looking to make this at home? The full recipe can be found below (serves 4-6 people).

2 tablespoons honey/agave nectar/simple syrup

1/4 Brandy

1/2 Cranberry Juice

1 Orange, sliced

2 Limes, sliced

1/2 whole frozen cranberries

2 sticks of cinnamon

2 bottle of your favorite red wine

1 cup of soda water

Rosemary sprigs for garnish

Served best when prepared 24 hours prior to service.




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