2020 Vision: Black Owned Eyeglass Company uses history to design eyewear of the future

GODNII (GOD In I, GOD & I, GOD in eye.) eyewear was envisioned by co-owner Ali Omar in a dream at 16 years old. Years later, he and Co-owner Keri Roberts are now inviting Detroiters to be a part of futuristic fashion that incorporates unique touches from Detroit’s past. This trendy collection features salvaged wood from historic buildings such as Cass Tech and the Bayview Yacht Club.


“What we’re doing is groundbreaking- The product is made and assembled in Detroit from start to finish…even sourcing our wood and cutting the lenses.” says Roberts. (Quote Provided by GODNII)


Unlike traditional commercial eyewear companies, GODNII prides themselves on the carefully crafted design of each frame. For example their pilot frames” 8,” “Heir,” and “Veil”, will be hand-crafted from salvaged wood from the city’s most iconic buildings, adorned with hand-brushed, gold accents and lenses from Zeiss, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of eyewear lenses.”


Paying homage to the tangible zeal and creative culture of Detroit, GODNII aspires to continue with their innovative spirit. Adding its own character to the current line up of eyewear providers like Warby Parker, and “See”. GODNII will also give 5% of all purchase proceeds to benefit “A place of refuge” a non- profit organization dedicated to aiding the youth of Southeastern Michigan transition from foster care to adult living. “We’re committed to building a sustainable future for Detroit as it continues to grow and evolve,” says Omar.  In order to sustain the success of the brand, GODNII, which translates to “God’s Vision” will begin to raise funds for technical components of the custom eyewear.


Long term, GODNII intends to utilize technology to enhance users’ audio experience both in entertainment and convenience. The sustainable luxury brand will also partner with a company in Germany for their 2021 line to develop more “high quality, functioning art”.


Sightseers, and visionaries are able to experience GODNII now.


For more information about GODNII and their range of products, please visit godnii.com.

Photo provided by GODNII. 


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