‘We Can Rebuild This City:’ Mayor Mike Duggan Announces Re-Election Campaign

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan has officially announced his re-election campaign for four more years in the 2021 Mayor’s race.

During a virtual announcement, Duggan, 62, spoke after a video played featuring residents and leaders [including Governor Gretchen Whitmer] showing their support for him.

“It’s been quite a journey we’ve been on the last eight years,” Duggan said, adding that residents lifted him up, especially as a write-in candidate during his first term, which he said was significant from every corner of the city.


“You’ve made this job a job and I still want to come to work,” Duggan said, adding that the positive impact of his work is a huge motivation. “That is what I get to experience every day; that inspiration will keep you going.”


Duggan added that the most challenging part this year is not being able to meet his constituents in person. Duggan said that the city looked a lot different in the last ten years when 200,000 Detroiters left and 40% remained [who would move if they could afford it]. Now the city is on the rebound, and in his hopeful third term, he wants to continue the work. That work entails the future of Detroit filled with more jobs and more “opportunities this city has seen.”

Duggan said that from big corporations, plants, facilities to smaller-scale companies, a total of 15,000 good jobs with paying benefits are opening in the next two years here.


“It comes from a partnership that says you don’t attack and embarrass those who disagree with you,” he said, adding that he is grateful for the support of the United Auto Workers who were able to bring some of those jobs to the city.


Duggan added that he is also thankful for the endorsement and support of others, including clergy partnerships “every step of the way.”


Rev. Wendell Anthony, head of the NAACP, and Bishop Charles H. Ellis III of Greater Grace Temple Ellis showed their support.


“Through a national bankruptcy, our police departments was among the first cities to have body cameras and dash cams, community activists and ex-offenders determined the way community policing should be in our city,” Anthony said in a pre-recorded video, adding that Black lives do matter and recognizing that downtown is essential and other areas in the city. “He [Duggan] understands that the two feet need each other. It is a city led by one moving in the right direction and on the right track.”


Ellis said that he “wholeheartedly” supports Duggan’s re-election.


“He is not a talker only but he is a walker and doer; I appreciate that in the mayor. I’m going to be passionate about using all my influences to make sure he is reelected.”


Duggan said that the city and county are working together and taking the lead during the pandemic where other cities are not faring as well.


“We’re going to continue to be a national leader,” Duggan said, adding that the city will still be a national leader when the vaccine comes out and made available “to those ready and willing” to take it. “I will be one of the very first to get the vaccine.”


Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, former director of the Detroit Health Department, showed his support for Duggan, who said that he had been a leader during this pandemic, and he is proud to support him. 

“His actions have saved lives,” El-Sayed said, adding that Duggan is committed to keeping services running. “Mayor Duggan is the leader Detroit needs right now … I’ll do all I can to support him in that effort.”


Duggan added that he promises that “every neighborhood will have a future.” 

“I feel like the city I grew up in as a kid — you could get a gallon of milk, get a cup of coffee get your shoes fixed — we can rebuild that,” Duggan said, adding that he is proud that a lot of Detroiters, in particular people of color, are opening businesses here.


“We want to create the city [where] you have more opportunities [in],” he said.


Detroiter David Johnson works at FCA, and after Detroit at Work helped him with his application, the plant gave him a call.


“My life is changed totally,” Johnson said. “I can provide for my family better. Dreams come true. If it wasn’t for Mayor Duggan this wouldn’t have been done.”


Duggan hopes to help even more Detroiters through a People’s Fund, which could help residents facing various barriers get access to make their dreams a reality. Duggan spoke today to 100 major corporations and charities to discuss raising $50 million for the fund.

“This is going to be the vision of the city; whatever barriers put in your way: poverty, structural racism, bad school system, health challenges — the city of Detroit is going to find ways to help you get over those barriers,” Duggan said.


Whitmer said that she “proudly and enthusiastically” endorses Duggan for his re-election campaign.


“I count myself as so fortunate to have the constant partnership with Mike Duggan .. someone I can rely on to get the job done even when I couldn’t rely on Washington, I knew we had a leader in our biggest city,” she said, adding that Duggan has proven himself uniquely qualified and ready to lead again.


For more information, visit https://dugganfordetroit.com/.


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