Ascension Michigan Opens up Online Mental Health and Counseling Services

COVID-19 and mental health have been two topics coinciding with one another since early this year. Now you don’t have to battle any mental issues alone. Ascension Michigan is offering more access to essential mental health and counseling services for those in the communities who could use it. Ascension Online Care is offering direct-to-consumer virtual psychiatric and therapeutic services, according to a press release. in need of this form of care can use a smartphone, tablet or laptop to conveniently connect with experienced psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors online from the comfort of home or any other location, the release added.  

With two types of use options, a team of caregivers is available to offer mental health and counseling services through Ascension Online Care. Psychiatrists are available for support and may prescribe and monitor medication to help control symptoms, while therapists – including psychologists and counselors – are available to listen and help with life’s obstacles, the release added. 

Services are available for both adults and children with appointment availability seven days a week, and appointments can be made online or in the Ascension Online Care app 24/7. No insurance is required. These expanded services allow for more providers to be on hand to listen and respond to the mental and emotional health needs of anyone, wherever.

“Ascension Online Care provides a personalized, professional and convenient way to access care. It’s particularly suited to mental health and counseling services, with patients having access to therapists from the privacy of their own homes,” said Tania Elliott, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Virtual Care, Ascension in the press release. “One great feature is that this service is available whether someone is already a patient or not.”

To get started, visit or download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

In Michigan, Ascension operates 16 hospitals and hundreds of related healthcare facilities that together employ over 23,000 associates. Serving Michigan for over 140 years.




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