THE 2020 BLACK FRIDAY SCHOLARSHIP BOOTCAMP GOES VIRTUAL AND GLOBAL: Keeping College-Bound Students in The Black and Not in the Red

As we know it, the day following Thanksgiving is Black Friday, and for years, earmarked as the official kickoff for Christmas shopping. While some Americans may be shopping for Christmas gifts, a new tradition has sparked called “The Black Friday Scholarship Bootcamp,” a one-day program for college-bound students and their parents in Michigan and around the world.


The Black Friday Scholarship Bootcamp is in its 7th year and was previously at the Charles Wright Museum of African American History. This year the program is virtual and global on Friday, November 27, 2020, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm. Fresh Perspectives Seminars, a non-profit organization based in Detroit whose focus is college and career readiness. Their programs educate and empower students and their parents on solutions to the college debt crisis, sustainable 21st Century careers, FAFSA, ACT-SAT preparation, and financial literacy produces The Black Friday Scholarship Bootcamp.


Fresh Perspectives Seminar recently announced that Mykolas Rambus, the President of Quaero, a world-class data management, and analytics company, and the President of Wealth-X, a data intelligence company, as the headline speaker. Rambus will lead a panel discussion addressing students and parents on the analytics surrounding individual colleges’ intrinsic value and their potential to multiply wealth and his pathway to creating, selling, and acquisitions of technology.


Dr. Dwuan Warmack, President of Claflin University, Historical Black College University, and Dr. Rema Vassar, MSU trustee, and Eastern Michigan University professor, will discuss the paradigm shift in Higher Education. Dr. Utibe Effiong from the University of Michigan will discuss the study of COVID-19 and the growing field of endocrinology, Keyon Branch, Brand Manager, Epic Arts – Madden Sports in NYC will discuss the growth of sports gaming, Jonathan Quarles of Detroit, Vice-Chair of Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, Quartz Water Source and The BLT Group will discuss his business track as a venture capitalist and global business consultant.


Marlin Williams, StockX, Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion will share with students how to channel their authenticity about The Black Lives Matter Movement and understanding the expectations of corporations.

Black Bootcamp


According to the organization’s founder, Gwen Thomas, “The Black Friday Scholarship Bootcamp extends further than helping students find scholarships to pay for college. We engage corporations to help us shape the next generation of employees by supporting our work.”


Fresh Perspectives has helped students raised over $15 million in scholarships for their students and study abroad in more than 100 international cities. To register, students can log on to  and for more information, call 609.474.4877.





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