Local Celebrity Makeup Artist Marvin Dixion Launches Skincare Line

A local celebrity makeup artist is getting into the business of skincare. Gracing the faces of gospel artist Tasha Page Lockhart, reality television personalities Juju Castaneda and Tahiry Jose as well as Pastor Cora Jakes Coleman, daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes, with his artistry, Marvin Dixon is now bringing Iconic Skincare to life.

Made from vegan products, the full-face skincare line features products designed with every skin type in mind. Beginning as a conversation with a friend, soon turned into a desire to bring fresh faces to consumers.

“Summer 2019 was when the idea came into my mind. Everybody kept complimenting my skin and asking me what I used,” Dixon shares. “Someone asked me if I ever thought of developing a skincare line. She told me to pray about it, so I did.”

Choosing to be completely self-funded, development for Iconic Skincare began. Attributing the line to a higher power, Dixon took his time creating the brand, researching the industry and choosing a name.

“God told me to take a year and develop my line and work on my brand,” Dixon says. “I kept hearing the word ‘iconic’ and ran with it.”

While working toward the launch of Iconic Skincare, the brand owner was met with the unexpected. As most small businesses are dealing with the financial fallout caused by a national health crisis, COVID-19 impacted the health of the rising beauty professional.

“I was diagnosed in August 2020. I went to Chic-fil-A and I lost my sense of smell and taste,” Dixon explains. “I ended up having COVID and infecting my whole family. It took about two to three weeks to develop my sense of smell and taste back. Recovery was hard, but I made it and my family is completely healthy too.”

Now, healthy and COVID-free, the desire to launch Iconic Skincare has gone into overdrive. Slated to launch just in time for the holiday season, fans and skincare enthusiasts can look forward to a product line that caters to men and women.

“I’m coming out with a cleanser and exfoliant, CC cream, moisturizer, and eye cream,” Dixon shares. “Everybody can use it because it’s vegan; it’s for men and women. There’s no sex in washing your face.”

While skincare is his business, the journey began with attending school for fashion. Encouraged to apply for MAC Cosmetics after a fashion show at the Art Institute of Novi, his makeup career took off.

“I was doing a fashion show and the makeup artist canceled on me so I did the makeup myself and everyone was complimenting me on it,” Dixon explains. “Then, at a career fair, an advisor encouraged me to apply for MAC.”

With MAC Cosmetics, the beauty expert learned the artistry of makeup and began to perfect the skill.

“I just got trained from being under people at MAC. Gradually, I got better and better from practicing,” Dixon says.


Moving from MAC Cosmetics to NARS, the itch of entrepreneurship began to take flight. Wanting to steer from the traditional line of the beauty business, Dixon was able to use what he had learned with the major cosmetics brands and go into business for himself.


“I was thinking, ‘I have to get out of this position of being under someone’ and work for myself,” Dixon says.


Now, with eight years as a professional celebrity makeup artist and a career pivot to elevate and expand his brand, Dixon is creating Iconic Skincare with the hopes of becoming a staple in the beauty industry.


“I want Iconic Skincare to be in the major stores; Sephora, Ulta and Target. My ultimate goal is to do a vending machine. I want it to be in the airports so when people are catching their flights and may have forgotten an item, they can stop at the vending machine,” Dixon explains.


Encouraging others to step out and chase their dreams, Dixon wants others to know they too can bring their dream to life.


“When you’re in the process and become weak or depressed, that’s what makes you. That’s when God blesses you,” Dixon says. “Pray and take your time with it so you can reap the harvest.”

Iconic Skincare will be available for purchase online on Black Friday.



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