After-H(ours) -Access, Equity, and Opportunity in a 24-Hour Economy

By Adrian Tonon, Jabari Jefferson and Andre Reed Photo Lil Monster

Over the last six months, Detroiters have made their presence known and shown what makes the fabric of Detroit. The question is, how do we build off of our foundation and not make the same mistakes other cities did by displacing the very community that made them cool and gave them their truest soul. Meet four night time economy leaders who are intentionally creating access and equity for their peers and many other Detroiters. We feel that they are the change we want to see.


Bravo / Owner / Society Detroit Night Club


Society is intentionally named to appeal to all forms of society, says owner and co-founder Bravo. We focus on diversity within black culture and engage people from all different backgrounds. Creating access for those who have not received it in the past is a staple in our philosophy.

We find purpose in cultivating promoters and managers to one day be owners and equity partners. Our staff consists of many Returning Citizens. We believe that giving someone a second chance helps them advance to who they want to become. We take great pride in growing the venue and community around it.

It is not uncommon to see us organizing neighborhood clean ups around the venue.


Curtis McKinnon / CEO and Co-Founder / Crowd Freak Internet Company


Our platform’s culture provides access that gives Detroit’s youth and surrounding areas the opportunity to express themselves musically. We host online and in person showcases that gives today’s aspiring artists the opportunity to gain exposure for their many talents. Musicians rangIng ages of 16-25 are given the shot to perform their craft in musical safe spaces that we have created both online and in person. Our principles not only give them a platform to share their many talents with the world, but also provide an affordable way to market their brand to music lovers both locally and globally. Once an artist has money we encourage them to buy a house in the City and be property owners.



Dreyyy / Artist / Curator / We Are Culture Creators


As an artist and curator, I hope to create environments and spaces where creatives have the opportunity to share and showcase their talents with the community. As events are being planned, I always keep artists in mind and think of ways to incorporate them into projects. The artist’s freedom of expression aligns with one of my core values and when they have the chance to perform in front of crowds or compete for prizes it fills me with joy.



Overall, I believe businesses can be better equipped with connecting to the community by being involved in the community they are in. Creating more spaces and events where artists, entrepreneurs, and business can network, connect, and build together is ideal and it all starts with working with the people in those spaces.


DjSickman / Artist / Curator / The WHLGN


Through the delivery of our musical platform we strive to educate and motivate those under the notion of mental health and self-care. I’ve always been about saving people instead of saving the world, as through my business I can connect with people on a deeper level and give them the motivation to be better than who they were yesterday. I think a way of communicating with the community is to find a way to better serve them that’s healthy and beneficial for everyone.


In many cases over the last several months, there have been many public servants who have partnered with businesses and residents to assist in creating best practices in a pandemic. Join us for the third series to hear from leaders who are working from the public sector to champion a sustainable, equitable and responsible night time economy.



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