American or Lafayette; Mexican Town or Greektown; Eastside or Westside; BBQ or Hot. People from The D have strong opinions about everything.

Voting is NO different! So get your people, make it a thing, Go Vote. Because WE have the Power and WE Decide!!

#WeVoteDetroit is the first in a nation-wide series of stories created to inspire people to exercise their power

“I have a platform and I wanted to use my voice to do something positive,” Dwele said. There is a certain demographic that I can reach that a lot of other people aren’t talking to. I wanted to do something that let’s my people know that we all have the power to make a difference in our communities and right now we need to express that power by voting,” he continued.


In #WeVoteDetroit, Dwele focuses on some of the iconic rivalries that will be instantly recognizable to people from the city, especially Detroiters. Michigan State vs. Michigan; American vs. Lafayette; Faygo Orange vs Faygo Red Pop; Mexican Town vs Greektown. These are choices that many feel passionate about, and ultimately reflect the hometown pride that will resonate with viewers from across the city and state.

“My goal was to show the friendly competition in the city over things like American vs. Lafayette. They are next to each other but there’s a divide. That’s a metaphor for the country if you think about it. I tried to draw from that to inspire people. Just like you have an opinion about these things, you also have an opinion about who our leaders should be and what kind of policies need to be in place to make our communities stronger. In less than a week, if you haven’t already voted, you can exercise your right to make your opinion count by voting,” Dwele said.


In the short film, Dwele reminds people that in Michigan you can register and cast your ballot any day between now and November 3rd. And concludes, “Get your people, make it a thing, go vote. Because we decide.”


#WeVoteDetroit is the first in a nation-wide series of stories created to inspire people to exercise their power.


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