Michigan Receives $15.5M To Improve Train Infrastructure

With travel services seldom used due to COVID-19, transportation departments are putting the time to good use by improving safety measures and performing maintenance at Michigan’s train station.


“This has worked to give us a longer window of opportunity to perform the needed maintenance like replacing railroad ties, grade crossing improvements, we just had some bridge improvements in certain areas,” said Michael Frezell, MDOT spokesman. “So this is a good time to do that work.”


The additional time to renovate is not the only point of support being offered to the state of Michigan.


The U.S. Department of Transportation gave Michigan a $15.5 million grant to go towards train infrastructure.


“This particular 15.5 million grant is going to rehabilitate the rail corridor from Ypsilanti to Jackson,” said Elaine Chao, the secretary of transportation.


The huge investment will result in shorter trip times and better safety.


“At the end of the day these improvements are going to provide a seven-minute trip reduction and improve operational safety throughout the corridor,” Chao said.

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