MOBE Mondays – State of Black Newspapers: Featuring Hiram E. Jackson, CEO, Real Times Media

On this insightful episode of #MOBEMondays, our host Kevin McFall, Inner-City Computer Stars Foundation and Red Clay Digital, assembled a panel of newspaper, archive and advertising thought leaders for an engaging conversation about the transformative state of Black newspapers and advertising in an era of uncertainty.

While many count out the Black News industry, we will delve into the historic, current, and future relevancy of this industry and the vitality to communities of Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color.  Our panel of experts include Hiram Jackson, Real Times Media; Angela Ford, Obsidian Collection Archives, and Melvin Wilson, Solve Innovation Group.

The session will be Live on Facebook on the #MOBESymposium page,  and on the YouTube channel, MOBE Symposium.  #blackowned #LegacyMatters #BlackNews #advertisingwhileblack #RedClayDigital #SolveInnovationGroup #ObsidianCollectionArchives #RealTimesMedia


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