Tamika Reeves 

Tamika Reeves
Clinical Therapist/Founder
Transition Family Services

Tamika Reeves is a Licensed Clinical Therapist, serial entrepreneur, wife, and mother of three beautiful children.  She is the founder of Transition Family Services, a private practice counseling facility in Southfield Michigan.  Her practice has provided mental health counseling to over 200 individuals in the Metropolitan Detroit area.  She is the founder of Protecting My Peace LLC, a company focused on delivering the message of prioritizing peace and self-care. Tamika has over 13 years of experience working in the field of mental health and throughout that time she developed a passion for assisting underserved individuals in the city of Detroit.   As a native of Detroit, she is dedicated to giving back to the city that raised her.  Tamika loves using her platform as a public speaker to educate others on the importance of mental health and wellness, entrepreneurship, and women’s health.  She is currently developing a network that will connect Therapists of color with those seeking minority providers.  Tamika’s goal is to continue to serve her community as a mentor, mental health advocate, role model and vessel of change.


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