Join the Virtual Pancakes & Politics Discussion LIVE: Rebuilding American Cities through a Lens of Equity and Inclusion

The pandemic has forced Americans to take a critical look in the mirror, many of whom were not satisfied with what they saw. From that arose a stronger sense of commitment to creating lasting change beginning in local communities. The Michigan Chronicle’s latest virtual Pancakes & Politics focuses on improving access to better living for all.

The forum will spotlight change agents such as Capital Impact Partners CEO Ellis Carr, Develop Detroit CEO Sonya Mays, and Avanath Capital Founder/CEO Daryl Carter. Building from the previous forum centered on social justice, these panelists seek to provide solutions to current racial gaps in economics and education.

“The Michigan Chronicle values Black people transforming Black communities for Black people. We can’t expect outsiders to be sensitive to the needs of neighborhoods where they weren’t raised or haven’t lived. The focus of rebuilding American cities has to expand past a downtown urban landscape,” said Michigan Chronicle Publisher Hiram Jackson.
“For the past few months there’s been an outpouring of calls for equality. We want to shift the conversation towards equity rather than equality. Equality does not take privilege into account. For example, if Blake Griffin and I each have a basketball, we both have an equal opportunity to dunk. However, Blake has the privilege of being younger, taller, and experienced more training. Equity considers privilege when addressing change.”

Dennis Archer Jr. and WWJ News Radio’s Vickie Thomas are set to return as forum hosts. Pancakes and Politics resumes Thursday, September 24. Opening remarks start at 7:50 AM, and the program begins promptly at 8 AM via The Michigan Chronicle Facebook page.


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