5 Ways To Step-Up Your Instagram Game

With all of the approaches designed to create a successful Instagram page, it can be difficult to know where to start. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are five tips to help you succeed in the Instagram world.

Look the Part 

There’s no denying these two very important facts: humans are very visual creatures and looks are everything. This doesn’t mean every photo has to be worthy of a high-profile magazine feature, but a picture is worth a thousand words. A clear photo is the only type that deserves to do the talking. What should it say? How do you want your followers to feel when looking at your content? Color schemes are a good way to convey a message. Instagram profiles can be an extension of the user’s personality: bright and bubbly, warm and nurturing, or chill and innovative. Graphic design applications like Canva and VSCO provide built-in tools, templates and illustrations that aid in the overall aesthetic of your profile, giving it that extra wow factor.

Utilize your Resources 

Make no mistake about it, Instagram is your friend and the platform wants you to succeed. Instagram has created various features intended to enhance users’ time on the app. Instagram stories, short videos and pictures that are available for 24 hours, have gotten rave reviews from fans and increased engagement for many brands. Instagram highlights are a continuation of past stories archived into themed pods. Instagram reels, a collection of overlapping clips shortened to 15 seconds and accompanied with audio, is a fun way to present content without losing the attention of your followers.

Engage! Engage! Engage!

No one likes being given the cold shoulder and the same thing goes for an Instagram profile. Instagram is a social media platform, making it a great way to socialize with others. Users can ask questions and get feedback through Instagram Stories and comment on various pictures; there’s no forgetting the infamous double tap! Engaging with others on Instagram is part of the fun. Otherwise, it’s just a place to store pictures and you could always use your camera roll for that, right?

Post Often 

In the world of Instagram, there’s no such thing as too much exposure. You want to be seen and seen often. With the help of fun and interesting content, this goal can be accomplished with ease. Social media applications are typically used as a form of entertainment – engaging profiles garner attention by providing relatable content. Usual content falling under this category includes current topics, memes or posts specific to a certain demographic if allowed.

Don’t Keep Secrets

Children say it best – sharing is caring. When posting that cute top, delicious meal, or fun event don’t be afraid to tag the resource in your picture or add it in the caption. Being accessible is a great way to build trust with your followers and create a more personable experience. Fenty Beauty is an example of a brand that’s doing it right! They are responsive to their followers and have their finger on the pulse of the world’s latest trends, styles and influencers.


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