How You Can Support Black Businesses During A Pandemic

August, the last fleeting month of summer and one of Michigan’s hottest, is also National Black Business Month. A hot topic of discussion in recent years, Black businesses have seen a large increase of support from the African-American community.

Stuck inside and unable to physically shop in stores, some Black people are in search of safe ways to contribute to the success of their favorite Black-owned business.

Search the Web for Black Alternatives:

With the world at the click of a mouse, many Black people with access to the Internet have been able to support Black businesses, new and old. Many Black businesses can be found with the use of your favorite search engine. Given the vast amounts of products in the retail and restaurant industries, it can be hard to figure out where to start. Think of your favorite name brands, narrow them down by specific requirements, and look for its Black counterpart! (Example:, affectionately known as the “Black Amazon”).

Social Media:

Social media applications can also be utilized in the search for smaller businesses. Users of platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter often plug their business of choice within these sites.

Black-owned Databases:

Have you ever wanted to find a one-stop-shop for Black-owned businesses? Enter Black-owned databases, a variety of directories that lead consumers to the Black-owned product they’re looking for. Below are links to four Black-owned databases ranging from topics on business and retail

Black Nation

Official Black Wall Street

WhereU Came From

I Am Black Business


Check out local businesses:

The epicenter of all things Black culture, Detroit is home to some of the world’s favorite Black-owned businesses. One of the city’s most well-known retail brands is Detroit vs. Everybody, a collection of apparel inspired by the Motor City. Many Detroiters have raved about hometown soul-food restaurant, Kuzzo’s Chicken and Waffles. Detroit-natives and Black entrepreneurs have also gone on to create household brands; Founder of The Lip Bar, Melissa Butler was able to create an award-winning Black business.


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