Joe Biden: I have the great opportunity to announce I pick Kamala Harris for VP

Joe Biden ‘I have the great opportunity to announce I pick Kamala Harris’ for VP!
With the Democratic national convention less than one week away on August 17, presidential candidate and the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee for President announced today that he has picked former presidential candidate and rival Kamala Harris as the first Black woman vice presidential candidate.

The historic and arguably the most transformational election in modern history will see the first of many firsts, including the first black woman to have ever been placed have on a major presidential ticket. Only two women have ever been included as running mates on a major party presidential ticket: Geraldine Ferraro in 1984 and Sarah Palin in 2008.

The 55-year-old Harris was long considered by Democrats as the front-runner to be Biden’s No. 2 due to her ideological similarities to the former vice president. Supporters commend her fierce commitment to advancing social justice, and solid connections that has helped her win over liberals and staunch conservatives alike.

With a political biography that includes three and a half years in the U.S. Senate and five years previously as California’s attorney general, Biden concluded that Harris has the necessary experience to help him govern and ascend to the role of commander-in-chief, if need be. As a candidate who ran against him for the Democratic nomination, Harris was the only woman of color who had undergone sustained scrutiny through a national campaign.

There’s no question that people who’ve been through it before, to use a baseball analogy, they’re able to hit the fastball right out of the gate more easily than somebody who might not be used to that speed of pitching,” said David Plouffe, who managed Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign, in an interview before the VP pick was announced.

“Harris is black and Asian and relatively young for this arena. Her selection represents a real passing of the torch and an earnest commitment to represent African Americans are heard and listened to,” said political pundit, Al Edward.

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