“Detroit Black JeepHERs” Build Sisterhood Around The Iconic Brand

Sisterhood continues to survive and thrive as the members of the Detroit Black JeepHERs band together to institute camaraderie within their community group. “Let your doors off and tops down,” said the group’s founders and proud JeepHer’s Haidera and Anniece as they described the autonomy of Black women who drive a Jeep Wrangler. Founded in early 2020, they explained how they met in another Jeep club, based in a different state. Frustrated with the lack of diversity and the location, the ladies decided to start their Jeep club. “It was like the other group let us in but were not inclusive,” they agreed.

Determined to establish a group that embodies the fun and freedom they felt when driving their Jeep’s, “Detroit Black JeepHERs” was realized in Detroit, only weeks before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. “A Jeep is not a truck or an SUV, it’s a Jeep.” Haidera stated. They shared the history of the “Jeep Wave,” which is incorporated as one of the many activities the faction of ladies participates in within the community. “When soldiers came home from the war, when they passed each other in their Jeep’s they would wave to one another, showing support and solidarity, they had survived.”

“Detroit Black JeepHERs is not just a group where we get together and drive around; we are extremely community-oriented,” said Anniece. Detroit Black JeepHERs partake in “Jeepcades” where members gather and drive-by for proms, graduation, and a plethora of other celebrations covering their Jeeps with decorations and signs. You may even spot them at various community events posting up in the parking lot by request, Haidera and Anniece referenced their invitation to do so from Footlocker.

Although membership is exclusive to Jeep Wrangler drivers, they highlight the beauty of the bonds they have built. “We never thought in our wildest dreams that so many beautiful black women were JeepHERs. We’ve inspired other women to go out and purchase Wranglers. I’m thinking a partnership with Jeep maybe?”  At the time we spoke, Detroit Black JeepHERs had over 70 members with several applications pending. “We’ve had a phenomenal time linking up, but the most fun is when we were able to brighten the day of some amazing individuals celebrating their birthday and graduation. We hope to grow and expand so we can offer bigger and better events, all while giving back to our community.”



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