What COVID-19 Won’t Do To Your Big Day

By Lorri Lewis

Lorri Lewis

You’ve got engaged. You’ve been feverishly planning your Big Day. Then COVID-19 reared its ugly head. Upsetting and upending all your plans. Now, what do you do? How do you still put together your Happily Ever After?

Planning a wedding can and should be one of the happiest times of your life; it may be somewhat stressful, at times, but overall, planning to marry the love of your life is a once in a lifetime feeling. COVID-19 has brought a new dynamic to couples all over, but be encouraged! Even though you might need to alter or adjust your plans, your Big Day vision can still come to fruition!

With all the articles and social media posts about what you SHOULD do, consider the following before proceeding because ultimately it’s still YOUR celebration:

Consult with a PRO. Specifically, speak with a wedding industry expert, such as your Wedding Coordinator/Planner (I hope you have one!) He/She can guide and assist you with reviewing contracts, negotiating prices, advising you on alternate plans, especially if you decide to reschedule your date. This Wedding Pro should already have working relationships with your wedding vendors, i.e. photographers, videographers, caterer, etc.. and can serve as your prime contact to help you handle any necessary details. Jacqueline Nwobu of Munaluchi Bridal magazine stated this perfectly during a Facebook Live on 4/30, “the Wedding Planner is the Quarterback of your wedding.”


Get Married! Make it happen! There are many creative ways couples are still honoring their commitment via virtual wedding ceremonies. Check out @howtheyasked and @brides on Instagram that have featured stories of couples around the country who still got married on their date while family and friends watched via Zoom. One of my Brides whose wedding is scheduled for Labor Day weekend told me, “I just want to get married.” She and her fiance are forging ahead and making their Big Day happen!


Send love to your family and friends. Write each of your bridal party members and close family members and tell them what they’ve meant to you and your union. Letter writing has become such an anomaly; why not put in writing what you would have expressed at your bridal shower, wedding and/or thank you note.


Document the journey. Detroiter Gail Perry-Mason appeared on Dr. Geneva Speaks’ Instagram story recently and she highly recommends journaling daily. This is a special moment that should be captured by documenting special moments, thoughts and feelings, especially in regards to your love, your nuptials, and your celebration. Whether you decide to do this individually or with your fiance – this is a great time to bond and capture moments. Also, write a love letter to your fiance (and vice versa) to be opened on your wedding date in 2021. What an awesome anniversary gift that will be.


There you have it, 4 tips to help you successfully navigate your Big Day vision during this pandemic. COVID-19 can’t stop your love; it might happen a little differently than you originally planned, but love wins every time! Congratulations to your Happily Ever After!


Lorri Lewis is a 20 year Wedding Expert and Podcast Host located in the metropolitan Detroit area serving Brides and Grooms throughout the state of Michigan, affectionately known as The DirectHer. You can reach Lorri at lorri@thedirecther.com or via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @thedirecther.

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