“No Fly Zone”: How one Artist’s protest stands as a foundational principle for Detroit amidst Civil Unrest

Zeek of New era Detroit, Ice wear Vezzo, Royce Da 5’9, and Trick Trick. 

On Monday, Detroit City Council President Pro Tempore Mary Sheffield hosted a rally alongside artist-activists Royce Da 5’9, Trick Trick, K-Deezy, Icewear Vezzo, accompanied by New Era Detroit and other  community activists as they attempted to restore peace following an eventful weekend full of protests in Detroit.  The energy was palpable, as Detroit artist K-Deezy shared his first encounter with the phrase “No Fly Zone” originally established by self-proclaimed “God-Father of Detroit”, musical artist, and entrepreneur Trick Trick. He explained how the original conversation between the two artists stemmed from K-Deezy’s frustration with the amount of unsigned talented Detroit Artists. In response to his disappointment, Trick-Trick advised that he was working on correcting the issue stating that he was forming the “No Fly Zone” an initiative instituted to garner more respect and notoriety for the over-imitated and often under-notarized Detroit artists. K – Deezy proudly announced that we now have over 20 nationally known signed Detroit Artist as a result of his efforts.

“No Fly Zone”: A movement that encourages Detroiters to protest with purpose.


 “When Trick Trick created the No Fly Zone, he knew what he wanted, he wasn’t just out doing something.”  This stated in correlation with the overwhelming number of non-residents of Detroit assembling and adding to the civil unrest in Detroit with unclear objectives but presented under the pretense of justice. “The number one thing to having a successful protest is to be organized.”  said K-Deezy.

The No Fly Zone does not only serve musical artists being treated unjustly, it serves as a protest to challenge any construct that does not align with our beliefs, desire, and need for change by not allowing anything to happen to our communities that is unorganized and without clear cause. One by one, each artist and activist shared their own account of how they feel protest should progress peacefully, encouraging attendees to take a vested interest in who is elected locally and nationally. Highlighting the importance of staying informed and designing unified demonstrations. Additionally, being courageous in not allowing others to direct the narrative, exposing who is causing the destruction and disruption to our communities and holding the provocateurs accountable.

“Today I re-initiate the No Fly Zone… by any means necessary you are not going to tear up my s**t” said “Welcome 2 Detroit” rapper Trick Trick. Referencing the detriment caused by the 1697 Detroit Riots, the community leaders urged protesters to be strategic in their method of protesting and not take to destruction as a means to invoke change. Also called the “12th Street Riots”, the Detroit Riots served as a caveat to the protests being held in Downtown Detroit for justice and an end to police brutality. Over the course of 5 days, after constant looting, burning, and bloodshed over 40 people were left dead and over 2,000 businesses were left destroyed. It is still considered one of the deadliest and most devastating riots in American History and has taken over 50 years of continuous effort to re-build the Detroit economy. Current government officials, community influencers, and activists agree that during this specific time in Detroit, history must not repeat itself. Thus, we have re-entered the No Fly Zone.



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