Governor Whitmer Embraces Detroit Rapper’s Song

During the COVID-19 crisis, Governor Whitmer has been met with her fair share of protest and criticism, especially in recent days. Detroit rapper, GmacCash, wanted to show his appreciation for Whitmer’s leadership during the pandemic and released the song “Big Gretch”. The track quickly went viral on social media and even gained the approval of the governor herself:


In the song, he says Whitmer has earned her buffs (Cartier buffalo horn framed sunglasses, highly popular among Detroiters).

“Big Gretch got them shook now. When it’s all over, you’re invited to the cookout. When it’s all over you deserve to get took out. Big Gretch with the buffs on the lookout.”

A GoFundMe was created to buy the governor a pair of buffs and has collected more than $2,000.

The rapper even speaks on the opposition Whitmer has faced.

“All that protesting was irrelevant. Big Gretch ain’t trying to hear y’all or the president. How we gonna take orders from a nonresident talking about it’s safe, but he ain’t coming with the evidence?”

To listen to the entire song, search Big Gretch on YouTube. No word yet if the governor plans on getting to a studio to record a remix.

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