Mayor Duggan Set to Bring Back 200 Workers

Tuesday, Mayor Duggan announced 200 general services department employees will return to work. These employees are responsible for tasks such as lawn care maintenance. He said under the governor’s order he could have brought back employees sooner, but refused to compromise their health.

“Our goal is going to continue to be that the eight hours a day you are working for the city, you are just as safe with your weekend activities at home,” said Duggan. “It’s a high standard we are trying to meet.”

All employees will have to show a negative test before returning to work Monday. In addition, every morning before work, employees will have their temperature checked.

These requirements are apart of the city’s COVID-19 Safe Workplace Standards which also includes:

  • Workplace distancing and hygiene protocols
  • Mandatory use of masks and other necessary personal protection equipment (PPE)
  • Thorough and frequent cleaning of work-sites and vehicles
  • Continues adequate stockpile of necessary PPE and sanitizing

Duggan wants Detroit to be a national model for bringing back employees safely.

The majority of returning workers are seasonal and others are on reduced pay.The Michigan Chronicle previously reported on the estimated $300 million deficit the city is facing due to COVID-19.

The mayor also expects to slowly begin resuming projects.

“We need to get going on a number of critical construction projects, particularly a number of affordable housing projects that have been sitting on hold,” said Duggan.


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