Mayor Announces Financial Assistance for Low Income Detroiters

Monday, Mayor Duggan announced financial relief services for qualifying Detroit households. In partnership with the Wayne Metro CARES Relief and Recovery Services program, funds have been allocated to help Detroit residents maintain access to food and water, and pay rent, mortgage, and other costs.

“We don’t want to be in a situation where when the pandemic is over that people weren’t able to keep up on their payments,” said Duggan.

Funds, which total $8 million, were made available through the federal CARES legislation.

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Mayor Duggan also introduced COVID-19 Safe Workplace Standards for city employees. These standards reflect six principles:

  • Initial testing of each city employee
  • Daily employee temperature check, health screening, and monitoring
  • Workplace distancing and hygiene protocols
  • Mandatory use of masks and other necessary personal protection equipment (PPE)
  • Thorough and frequent cleaning of work-sites and vehicles
  • Continues adequate stockpile of necessary PPE and sanitizing

City employees won’t return to work until proper precautions have been established and every department monitors sanitizing and PPE materials.

Although these standards are being enforced for city buildings, the mayor hopes private entities will adopt them as well.

Additionally, the mayor spoke to the downward trend of COVID-19 deaths in Detroit and more empty hospital beds than initially anticipated.

“As I said to you about 10 days ago we hit a plateau. That the people of this city did such a great job of honoring the social distancing requirement … now you can see where we’re going…we are trending down,” Duggan said.

The mayor implored Detroiters to keep practicing social distancing in order to maintain progress against COVID-19.

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