Governor Whitmer Rolls Out “MI Safe Start” Plan To Reopen State

In Governor Whitmer’s latest press briefing she introduced the “MI Safe Start Plan”. With recent data showing a downward trend in new COVID-19 cases, the plan is designed to safely open up some businesses.

“We’re in a position to start thinking about what the future looks like,” said Whitmer who added there is no current set date or timeline to implement the plan.

The governor said once data indicates it is safe, low risk businesses such as outdoor work and construction will resume.

The Michigan Chronicle previously reported Whitmer recently loosened restrictions under her current executive order allowing activities such as boating, golfing, and landscaping.

Whitmer’s plan is based on a regional approach and will allow stabilized areas to open businesses first. Those businesses will have to adhere to strict policies to maintain minimal risk.

Additionally, employers will not be able to take action against and employee who stays home if they or someone in their household is sick.

Whitmer cautions steps towards reopening Michigan won’t be easy.

“Stopping is simple; that doesn’t mean it’s easy, but it’s simple. Reengaging is complicated,” said Whitmer. “I’m going to sound like a broken record, but we have to be really smart. We have to get this right. None of us … wants to see a second wave, and we can’t risk that from happening.”

The governor is also seeking a 28 day extension of the current State of Emergency.

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