Governor Whitmer Announces Layoffs for State Employees, Anticipates Short-Term Stay Home Extension

In order to maintain essential services, Governor Whitmer announced temporary layoffs of employees across state departments Wednesday. Impacted employees will maintain health benefits and automatically be enrolled for unemployment services. The layoffs will last for 10 business days, essentially 2 weeks.

This comes following Whitmer taking a 10 percent pay cut herself and requesting her executive staff take a five percent reduction.

Whitmer says over the past six weeks, this was one of her harder decisions.  However, COVID-19 has created an unprecedented challenge that has left serious budget implications for the state, but she is committed to Michigan workers.

“I’m going to do everything I can to make sure you get the support you need to get through this challenging time,” said Whitmer.

The Michigan Chronicle previously reported similar anticipated budget problems for both Wayne County and the city of Detroit.

Wednesday, Michigan saw a 15 percent reduction in cases over the past 10 days and is no longer ranked among the top five states in cases nationally. Still the governor says a short-term extension of her current Stay At Home order is likely, but restrictions could be eased soon and plans to provide further details Friday.

“The data we have seen in the past week has led me to believe that it’s time to re-evaluate the Stay Home Stay Safe Order,” said Whitmer.

“There are reasons for cautious optimism, but we need to keep it up.”

The governor added she and her team will continue to review facts and data. Once risk is low and the potential threat of cases spiking again subsides she will consider reopening parts of Michigan safely.

Stay tuned in with the Michigan Chronicle for further updates.


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