Michigan Republican Senators Propose Reopening Michigan

State Republicans have launched “Open Michigan Safely”. The proposal suggests some Michiganders should be able to return to work, despite Governor’s Whitmer’s current Stay Home, Stay Safe executive order.

On their website, the Senate GOP stated,

“We now have data and experience to allow us to transition from the definition of “essential” to a new standard of allowed activity defined as “safe.” Specifically, safe workplaces…defining and executing safe workplace policies and protocols so individuals can approach being as safe in their workplaces as they can be in their homes.”

This comes on the heels of Wednesday’s #OperationGridlock protest in Lansing, previously reported by the Michigan Chronicle.

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Thursday, Michigan saw 1,204 new COVID-19 cases and 172 more deaths.

Yet, GOP Senators have a five-phase proposal to safely transition to reopening Michigan:

  • Phase One: This is similar to our current state. Cases and deaths are rising, straining healthcare systems. Only essential businesses are open and low-risk travel is permitted.
  • Phase Two: Cases and deaths fall for five out of seven days and the healthcare systems are below 75 percent capacity. Lower risk businesses can operate with extreme social distancing. Masks should still be worn and people with symptoms would self-isolate for two weeks. Large gatherings are still restricted.
  • Phase Three: Cases and deaths fall for 17 of 21 days and healthcare systems are below 50 percent. Businesses can open with social distancing but bars and restaurants are limited to 50 percent capacity with tables seated 6 feet from each other. Gatherings under 100 people are okay. Masks are still required and vulnerable people quarantine.
  • Phase Four: Cases and deaths fall for 19 of 21 days and healthcare systems fall under 33 percent. Businesses can open. Bars and restaurants open for full capacity. Gatherings must remain under 250.
  • Phase Five: No spread for 30 days or a vaccine is available for 30 days. All businesses open. People with symptoms still quarantine.

The proposal requires approval from all Michigan legislation including the governor.

“What facts and science have shown us is that re-engaging our state too soon or too fast will lead to a second wave of COVID-19 in Michigan…getting it right saves lives.”

View the full proposal HERE.

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