Isolation Celebrations: Creative Ways To Celebrate Your Graduation Day!

Whatever hopes high school seniors had of returning to school was crushed when Governor Whitmer announced K-12 schools would be closed for the remainder of the school year. Although the governor reassured that seniors would have the opportunity to graduate and make a successful postsecondary transition, seniors are now faced with the finality of the reality that their last year of high school has abruptly ended.

Imagine your 17 or 18-year-old self not being able to count down the final days of school with your friends, get dressed up for prom, or physically attend a graduation ceremony, there were the experiences that you were looking forward to for quite a while.

Your first introduction to high school was probably through a Hollywood film or television show. You started imagining what your senior year would look like. Then you actually started your freshman year and realized high school wasn’t really what Hollywood depicted, but still enjoyable nevertheless.

For the next three years, you waited as you watched the rinse and repeat cycle of seniors signing yearbooks, planning for prom, and capping off the year receiving their diploma in their cap and gown. Now when it’s your turn to experience those traditions, an unforeseen pandemic stops that from happening.

So now what?

Thanks to technology, it’s easy for teenagers to stay in touch whether that be group chats, FaceTime, or social media. However, Governor Whitmer’s “Stay at Home” order presents a challenge for creating memories with peers while also practicing social distancing.

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures and seniors should get creative in how they choose to celebrate graduating high school. Although it can’t replace physically attending a prom or graduation, having a chance to celebrate, even in what would be considered a “consolation prize” way, should not be taken for granted.

It is a commonly held belief that graduating from high school begins the young adult’s journey into the “real world.” In this world, one becomes less dependent on parents, adopts more of a goal-oriented focus and starts prioritizing responsibilities over fun. Why should seniors pass on their last hoorah, even if it’s not going to happen according to plan?

So, class of 2020, the Internet has created some great platforms for you to innovatively celebrate.

  • Perhaps have a DJ do an Instagram live set dedicated to your school’s virtual prom.
  • Create a Tik Tok challenge for a senior spirit week
  • Create a Zoom conference call with friends and family of a graduation ceremony specifically designed by you.

Don’t let the current crisis; stop you and those who care about you from celebrating completely.


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