DDOT Riders to be Supplied with Masks, Nursing Homes to Receive Priority Testing Mayor Says

In Mayor Duggan’s latest COVID-19 update, he announced beginning Wednesday, all Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) buses will have a box with masks and a sign asking riders to “please take one”. This comes thanks to Governor Whitmer allocating 20,000 non-essential masks for Detroit.

Passengers will be able to take a mask upon boarding, similar to pulling one tissue out of a box at a time. Transit officers will be routinely riding to help monitor mask distribution, but the mayor is asking riders to please only take one mask. Additionally, if passengers already have a mask Duggan is asking them not take another one.

When asked if he has given further consideration to suspending DDOT service the mayor said,

“DDOT is as essential to the community as police, fire, and EMS…this is a critical service.”

Also beginning tomorrow, Duggan announced an increased effort for testing for Detroit nursing homes.

Nursing home residents and employees will have access to the city’s 15-minute testing site. Those not able to visit a testing site will be able to be tested at their home thanks to Wayne State University.

Wayne State University medical students will begin testing one nursing home a day. They will collect the tests and then run the results at the city lab after normal business hours, ensuring results are reported as fast as possible.

In terms of Detroit’s outlook on the virus, the mayor said,

“This is the first glimmer of light we’ve seen from the data since this pandemic started…for the first time we can see we can beat it.”

These comments came after Duggan broke down recent daily fatality counts. He said the rate of doubling is the biggest indicator in the virus potentially slowing down. He reported the doubling rate has gone from every 2 days and slowed down to currently every 5-6 days.

However, the mayor cautioned that rate could spike back up if people ignore social distancing guidelines when the weather gets nicer.

“If the weather warms up tomorrow, and people go back outside and cluster in groups this will rise very quickly.”

To help prevent that, and in agreement with Governor Whitmer’s “stay at home” order, Detroit police have started issuing citations for gatherings violating social distancing.

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Detroit now stands at 5,501 and 221 deaths.


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