Whitmer Announces COVID-19 Supply Arrival, Anticipates Extending ‘Stay At Home’

In Governor Whitmer’s latest briefing, she announced the latest supplies the state has acquired in the fight against the coronavirus.
The state purchased 2.2 million masks.

FEMA is sending an additional 1.1 million masks, 2 million gloves, and 300 ventilators over the next two days.

As of 3 PM Monday, Michigan reported 17, 221 confirmed cases. The death toll now stands at 727.

Whitmer says we are not close to hitting the apex yet. As a result, she is expecting to extend her “stay at home” order that was set to expire on April 14th.

“Hospitals are reporting that discharges are picking up, but that doesn’t mean the numbers are decreasing — we’re just slowing the growth,” Governor Whitmer said.

The governor again is encouraging everyone to take the proper precautions and only leave the house when absolutely necessary. State models suggest the virus will peak in late April or early May.

Tuesday, state lawmakers are voting on how long to extend Whitmer’s state of emergency declaration. Whitmer recommends a 70-day extension to mid-June.

If the vote passes it would enable Whitmer to continue to execute orders for the betterment and protection of Michigan residents.
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