$2 Rides Available for Detroiters To Fairgrounds Coronavirus Testing Site

The City of Detroit is committed to providing COVID-19 testing to every Detroiter with symptoms, regardless of health insurance, income, or access to a car.

The City today has entered into a contract wants to make sure that every Detroiter has access to COVID-19 testing regardless of whether they have a primary care physician, health insurance, or a car.

The COVID-19 tests at the Fairgrounds are free, and 30 Detroit physician offices are now accepting new patients.  Most of those offices will accept uninsured patients and those who cannot afford to pay.

The City of Detroit is now offering Detroiters a ride to their testing appointments at the Fairgrounds. Rides will be provided by IntelliRide. You will get a safe, sanitary round trip for $2, the same price as bus fare. If you don’t have the $2 at the time of pick up, the driver will not turn anyone away.  This service is available for Detroiters being picked up and dropped off at a Detroit residence.

The first appointments with the transportation option will start Monday.  Detroiters can begin calling Saturday to book those appointments with transportation.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Call Your Doctor to get a prescription: If have symptoms of coughing, fever, or shortness of breath, contact your doctor to get a prescription. If you don’t have a doctor or don’t have insurance, go to the city website at detroitmi.gov and you will find several across the city who will take you now.
  2. Make a Fairgrounds Appointment. Once your doctor orders a prescription, your test is free.   Call 313.230.0505 to make an appointment – appointments are available in 24-48 hours.
  3. Don’t have transportation? Tell the call taker who books your Fairgrounds appointment.  They will connect you directly to the car service to book your $2 ride. The rides are only for Detroiters being picked up and dropped off at a Detroit residence.
  4. The day of your test: When your driver arrives, bring your identification (if you don’t have a state-issued ID, you can bring any other piece of identification such as a work badge, utility bill, etc.) and your prescription. Both the driver and passenger will be asked to wear masks and gloves for their protection.  After the test, the driver will take you back home.

The City is deeply appreciative of Gary Torgow and ITC Holdings for their generous contributions that made the transportation program possible.

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