City of Detroit Launches 15-minute Coronavirus (COVID-19) Testing

Starting today, Detroit will have the ability to perform COVID-19 testing and deliver rapid results.

On April 1, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan announced that the city received a shipment of test kits from Abbott Laboratories earlier in the day. “Tests, which can return results in 15 minutes, will be reserved for Detroit police, firefighters, EMTs,

and bus drivers,” Duggan said. The city expects to start using them today.

(VIDEO CREDIT: City of Detroit)

This system from Abbott received emergency clearance for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It’s a lab-in-a-box that is roughly the size of a small kitchen appliance. The small size and rapid test results mean it can be deployed and utilized more quickly than other methods.

Last week, the opening of the drive-thru testing center gave testing opportunities to the vast majority in Detroit and surrounding areas. Now, there are doctor offices available to test individuals with or without health insurance. Although rapid results are not available to the general public yet, testing is still accessible by visiting the Detroit Health Department’s website or calling  (313) 876-4000.


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