Nail Trends For The Spring And Summer 2020 Revealed

The spring season is almost upon us, but what will it bring in the way of nail trends?

As the new season begins, styles introduced last year continue their momentum, and classic looks make a fabulous comeback. Sparkles? You bet!

While early 2019 gave us neons and nudes, 2020 brings back someof our favorites

and the chance to experiment with a broader spectrum, bold statements and more importantly, something authentic to you.

Join the award-winning Live True London with some insider expertise on what’s going to be hot this year. Whether you want something subtle or want to stand out, there’s something for everyone.

1. Micro French Manicure – the French Mani got a headstart back in the Summer of 2019 and has been gaining momentum ever since. If you’re looking to go bold yet dainty this year, but crave a little subtlety, consider a modern take on the classic aesthetic.

2. Sparkles! – we know it’s a guilty pleasure for many, well good news: sparkles are making a comeback! Our tip? Mix up an otherwise everyday look by applying some glitter to your index and ring fingers. This style is for those who want to keep it simple but want to shine through the winter months.

3. Over The Top – for anyone wanting to make a bold statement with bling, there are no limits with the maximalist accents. Let your nails do the talking with over the top jewels and glitter polishes. Bold is beautiful.

4. Gradient Nails – one of the easiest styles you can apply is the very same one in your Instagram feed. Choose a selection from a similar hue that offers full transitional coverage. Take it one step further and incorporate a gradient effect using sparkles. It needn’t be art to be nail art!


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