Utilize City Of Detroit Election Tool To Find Voting Locations

Today, The State of Michigan will participate in the primary elections for President of the United States. The City of Detroit has provided residents with an Election Tool that can be utilized to find voting locations in a specified area. 

Once residents are on the site, they will click on the upper left-hand corner, type in their address, and from there, information regarding their voting location will appear. Also, there’s information regarding elected officials who work in each district.

Here is a list of absentee voting locations in each district:

District 1

WCCCD Northwest Campus

8200 W. Outer Drive

Detroit, MI 


District 2

Northwest Activity Center

18100 Meyers Road

Detroit, MI 


District 3

Farwell Recreation Center

2711 E. Outer Drive

Detroit, MI 


District 4

WCCCD Eastern Campus

5901 Conner St.

Detroit, MI 


District 5

Department of Elections

2978 W. Grand Blvd.

Detroit, MI 


District 6

WCCCD Downtown Campus

1001 W. Fort Street

Detroit, MI 


Detroit City Clerk’s Office

2 Woodward Ave., #200

Detroit, MI 


District 7

Adams Butzel Recreation Complex

10500 Lyndon St.

Detroit, MI 


The Democratic nominees that are on the ballot are Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

To utilize the election tool, CLICK HERE.

To find out about absentee voting, CLICK HERE

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