Fine Arts Company 1xRun Releases Powerful Art Collection For BHM

1xRun, a fine arts company, has released its collection of art titled, “Most Of My Heroes Don’t Appear On No Stamps.” While some pieces can be purchased right now, the complete collection will be available on February 28. Greg Cummins is the architect behind the eclectic collection. Cummins gathered a diverse group of artists to spearhead the collection, alongside himself. Inspired by legendary rap group Public Enemy’s mantra, “Fight The Power,” Cummins believes black art should be recognized, a feat that he wholeheartedly accepts. 

“The works in this collection are selected from a wide variety of emerging African-American artists. I realize that most artists aren’t great self-promoters. They don’t seek publicity. Anytime I can provide an opportunity for artists to exhibit or get exposure, I gladly assist.”

Here are the artists that appear in the collection:

Manasseh Johnson 

Yung Yemi 

Taj Francis 

Malik Roberts 

Steve Bravo  

Meghan Gabrielle 

Mwanel Pierre-Louis 

Chuck Styles 


Bart Cooper 

Tommy Mitchell 

Stina Aleah 

Robbie Rob 

Sheefy McFly

Each artist brings their creative flair to each piece. Every piece is unique to each respective creator. The stamps are filled with rich black history, paying homage to heroes such as Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and more. 

“I feel that it is important for people to see this image on a stamp because there is such minimal visibility for black women on major platforms in the art world as a whole,” said featured artist Meghan Gabrielle “When I was young, although I had so much support and inspiration from my father, it would have been incredibly powerful to open an art history book or visit museums and see art made by black women that reflected how they saw themselves, their daily lives or their hopes and dreams.”

1xRun is a fine arts company based out of Detroit, MI. Since 2010, the world-renowned company has pushed societal boundaries through art and print. 1xRun has published over 2,500 pieces to date. 

Follow 1xRun on social media and visit the 1xRun website to view and purchase items from the entire collection. 

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