Governor Gretchen Whitmer recognizes Black History Month throughout Michigan

Governor Whitmer recently announced February 2020 as Black History Month in Michigan. The theme for BLM 2020 in Michigan is, “African Americans and the Vote.” This theme gives recognition to the 15th amendment and 19th amendment, both of which granted voting rights to African Americans. In a press release, Whitmer spoke about acknowledging African Americans in Michigan and beyond.

“Michigan has a rich history of diversity, and the African American community has been essential in building the foundations of this great state,” said Whitmer. “From Motown to Vehicle City to the Lieutenant Governor’s Office, Michigan is stronger because of this important history. That is why I am proud to recognize the contributions and accomplishments of so many African American leaders as well as continue to build a more equitable Michigan, where every person has a path to opportunity.”

Black History Month, also known as African American History Month, origins date back to 1915. African American journalist Carter G. Woodson, along with other black scholars, organized a national Negro Week in 1926. In the 1960s, BLM became an annual celebration across the world.


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